Stump Club is a members only lounge located inside The Radler. Food, beverage and entertainment are included in the cost of membership. Daily, monthly, annual and life time memberships are available.

Wait What!? How Does this work?

It’s simple! Become a member and come in for a beer, pretzel and what ever else you want from our menu.

How do I become a Member?

Scroll up. Click on the “become a member” button. Choose your membership plan and pay for your membership. You will receive and email confirmation that you will use to check at our location.

What’s up with the tokens?

Tokens are our currency. Each time you check in you will be given 5 tokens. Tokens are good for food, beverage and game play.

What are the hours?

Tuesday - Saturday 5pm - Midnight

Can I make a reservation?

Not yet! But when we are able, reservations will only be available for members


Must be 21 or older to enter

Sandals and other open toed shoes are not permitted during game play!



One Stump, One Hammer,

One Nail, Twelve Players,

One Winner

Haus Rules

To play Stump you need a minimum of four players. Each player's nail is set into the log by the nail-setter. In a clockwise rotation, players take turns driving opposing players' nails into the log. To win the game you must be the last nail left standing. When your nail is fully driven into the log, you are eliminated for the game.

Sounds easy enough, right?!  

Driving the nail is about precision... not power. If you raise the hammer above your head on your back swing, you will be disqualified. No flipping or tossing the hammer.

Once your nail has been fully driven into the stump you are eliminated from the game.

Play safe -- and drink responsibly.